Naps: Not Just for Toddlers

Want to increase your ability to learn and remember what you learned? Then grab a pillow and find somewhere comfy, because you need a nap.


Multiple studies have proven the benefits of taking a mid-afternoon nap, especially in the areas of learning, focus, and memory. Researchers with Berkeley found taking an hour-long nap during the day can dramatically increase the ability to learn and remember.

A nap provides an opportunity for your brain to reboot; your short term memory is cleared out, and the brain is prepared to take on new information. Slipping a nap between morning and afternoon classes is a good way to help you do better in both.

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Use the Three R’s to Remember

memory cardHave you ever spent an hour reading a book, looking over your notes or quizzing yourself with flashcards, only to realize a few hours later that you don’t remember any of it?

I often find myself forgetting a conversation I had with someone that I really should remember. What’s up with this short-term memory loss? Well, maybe it’s not that we forget, but that we don’t ever really commit these things to memory.

I attended a lecture about memorization and the steps that you need to go through in order to really commit something to your long-term memory. These steps are called “The Three R’s of Memory.” We’ll analyze them as if you were studying information you would need to know for a test.

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The Best New, Free iPod Apps

The Best Part: All of These Apps are Free!

I love my iPod Touch. I can listen to music, surf the Internet, and study for my classes. Study for my classes? That doesn’t seem like it fits in with one of the coolest music playing machines today. But thanks to iTunes’ educational apps, it actually fits quite nicely.

iTunes offers many education apps, ranging from language learning apps to flashcards to preparation for SAT or ACT tests. iTunes U also helps students study when they are on-the-go. iTunes U allows professors to connect with their students through their iPods or iPhones. iTunes U offers note cards, syllabi, and audio and visual files for students to use when studying.

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