Charter School Mogul Dorothy Brown is Charged with Misusing Funds

Residents in Philadelphia must certainly be looking at charter schools a little differently today after Dorothy June Hairston Brown – a charter school mogul in the city – was charged with defrauding more than $6.5 million in taxes from three of her charter schools. Brown and four of her colleagues were charged on July 24, 2012 and have been indicted with more than 60 counts of wire fraud, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice.

In the past, Brown had earned a reputation for improving students’ test scores. However, she was also known for suing parents who questioned her practices and claiming large salaries.

“The indictment in this cases alleges that June Brown and her four co-conspirators used the charter school system to engage in rampant fraud and obstruction,” said U.S. Attorney Zane David Merneger. “My office will continue to vigorously investigate and pursue those charter school operators who defraud the taxpayers and deprive our children of funds for their education.” Read the rest of this entry »

Catholic Teachers Return to Class After Two-Week Strike

Association of Catholic Teachers Union LogoTuesday was the first day of class in two weeks for some Catholic students in the Philadelphia area. The Association of Catholic Teachers Local 1776,  negotiated for several months, went on a two-week strike and finally reached an agreement on Sunday night.

With 17 schools and 16,500 students in the area, the strike affected a large part of the high school population.

“Our teachers could not be happier to head back into the classrooms,” Rita Schwartz said, union president. “We have been waiting a long time for this day, and we are relieved that it’s finally here. Now it’s time to get back to the real work which is educating our students.”

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Top 10 Locations for College Graduates

atlantaFor the many college seniors who are graduating soon and want to relocate, Atlanta is the best bet.

According to a report by and, Atlanta is the best place for recent college graduates to live. The study determined its results, which are very different from Best-Performing Cities 2009’s results, based on cities with the highest percentage of young adults ages 20-24 years of age, the number of jobs that require less than one year of experience, and the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment.

The average rent in Atlanta is only $724 a month; not too shabby.

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Philadelphia School District Accused of Invading Student Privacy

webcamEach year the Lower Merion School District in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania distributes Macintosh laptops to 2,300 students who attend two of their county’s high schools, at a cost of $2,300,000.

According to reports, when laptops went missing technology coordinator Carol Cafierro and technician Michael Perbix created a plan to activate the web cams in the missing laptops to capture pictures of the students who had the laptops in their possession. Once activated, via a LANrev software program, the web cams would take a photo every 15 seconds, without the students’ knowledge.

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