5 Ways to Make Your Roommate Relationship Work

Let’s face it – having a roommate in college is sometimes unavoidable. While others don’t seem to have a problem co-habitating, others seem to think that roommates are nothing but an invasion of privacy.

Regardless, living with another person is the best way to cut the cost of rent, and it doesn’t have to be unbearable. However, a happy living situation starts with being a good roommate. Read these tips to make your lives pleasant.

Lease: Make sure that everyone signs it. Your John Hancock means that you’re responsible for paying rent and other obligations that the lease may state. With everyone’s signature, the burden is spread out, and everyone has an equal incentive to adhere to the landlord’s wishes. Read the rest of this entry »

College Student Stabbed to Death by Roommate

Bowie State University EntranceOne escalated argument led to a fatal stabbing on Thursday night. Police reported that Alexis D. Simpson, 19, got into a verbal altercation with her roommate Dominique T. Frazier, 18, which turned into physical fight. Both attended Bowie State University in Maryland.

A witness claims the two were fighting about music being played on an iPod. Reports say that the fight ended when Fraizer was stabbed in the throat by Simpson.

“This kind of senseless violence is difficult to understand,” said a statement from university officials. “We understand from police that there is no apparent ongoing threat to the campus community and it is safe for students and employees.”

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4 Common Roommate Conflicts and How to Resolve Them

If you haven’t had your first conflict with your roommate yet, you eventually will. It’s only normal for arguments to arise while sharing such a tiny space. Resolving conflict is all about being reasonable and coming to a mutual agreement.

Don’t avoid the big elephant in the room. Talk about your issues openly while still respecting the other person.

Here are four common roommate conflicts and ways to resolve them:

The neat-vs.-messy conflict: We all know that neat-freaks and slobs don’t make the perfect roommate match, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work out. Neat freaks tend to have a handful of pet peeves that irritate them to no end, but they can generally overlook the rest. If you’re the slob in this roommate relationship, find out what those pet peeves are, and try to avoid them. If you’re the neat-freak, understand that he or she lives there too, and your roommate wants to make their dorm feel like home, not Grandma’s house.

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Roommate Resources to Find Your Best Match after the Dorms

three girls roommatesThe new match season is almost there so it is vital to get a pgy1 residency spot before the competitors. Finding a roommate when you lived in the dorms was so simple. Your school probably assigned you a roommate, you lived together, and that was that. But once you move out of the dorms, things get a little more complicated.

Having a roommate while you are in college is beneficial for a number of reasons. For example, a roommate will split the bills with you, so it is financially responsible, and a good roommate can provide social interaction, and if you’re lucky, can turn into a good friend. Read the rest of this entry »

Study: Why a Heavy Roommate Keeps You Thin

college-girls-pizza-partyIf your having a hard time choosing a roommate, look for one that is heavier than you. That is, if you don’t want to gain a lot of weight in college, according to one study.

A new study conducted by the University of Michigan found that freshmen women with heavier roommates are less likely to pack on pounds than those with roommates with a normal weight.

Kandice Kapinos, an assistant research scientist at the institute, said she thinks that one of the possible reasons that may have contributed to these findings is that heavier women are more apt to diet, exercise and take diet pills, and being influenced by one’s roommate, a person may also pick up on these weight-loss habits.

“It’s not really the weight of your roommate that’s important, but the behaviors your roommate engages in,” she said. “These behaviors are what may really be contagious.” Read the rest of this entry »

Genderblind Housing: Men and Women in the Same Dorm Room

Coed dorms become more popular as 26 universities adopt them. (via TeamSugar)

Image Via TeamSugar

In May 2009, a new trend in student housing was raising concern among parents and some students. Now, this trend has been implemented in about 50 schools across the country.

What is this trend? These 50 schools are now allowing men and women to live in the same dorm room.

This trend is called “genderblind” housing and was created to help students feel more comfortable with their living situation on college campuses. The original focus was for “gay, bisexual and transgender students who wanted to live with a member of the opposite sex,” according to the Washington Post.

However, many heterosexual students are taking advantage of the new rule and living with members of the opposite sex whom they are friends with or are romantically involved with.

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