Student Attempts Graduation Backflip, Flops

Stop whatever prep for finals you are doing and take a 1-minute laugh break. Trust me on this one, it’s worth your time.

A graduating senior from Davenport University decided to celebrate his achievement with a backflip. In full graduation regalia. It goes about as well as you’d expect. The poor guy faceplants in front of the entire crowd, much to amusement of his classmates. Happily, he got up, laughed about it himself, and walked off stage with no injuries (except maybe to his pride).

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Study Abroad Visit to La Catedral de Sevilla [VIDEO TOUR]

Sevilla, Spain is probably the prettiest city I have ever seen. It is the perfect mix of old and new, big and small, and the nightlife is amazing!

What fascinates me the most are the centuries-old buildings that are still being used today. The thought that a building has been around for almost a thousand years and that I can walk through it today is just mind blowing. But when you consider a building as beautiful as La Catedral de Sevilla, it is absolutely breathtaking!

La Catedral de Sevilla is a beautiful cathedral and has a deep cultural significance in Sevilla. Watch the video below to take a firsthand tour with me inside La Catedral de Sevilla.

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