Roofies Suspected in the Hospitalization of 12 Students


UPDATE [10/25/10]: After further investigation, officials reported that the students were drunk, not drugged. Nine of the hospitalized students had been drinking Four Loko, an controversial alcoholic energy drink.

Twelve Central Washington University students were hospitalized Friday night. The students, 11 of whom are female, were the victims of spiked drinks, although the contaminating substance is still unknown. Several of those hospitalized reported consuming only one or two drinks before falling ill.

Around 11:00 P.M. police responded to a report of a girl lying unconscious in the back of a car. When authorities arrived at the girl’s residence in Roslyn, they found several more students similarly afflicted. Guests at the party reported that the girls very suddenly started vomiting and losing consciousness.

Some partygoers believed that a bottle of vodka had been spiked with Rohypnol, or “Roofied.”  Others suspect any of the drinks mixed in red plastic cups could have been targeted. Those who drank beer or brought their own alcohol were not affected. “Whatever occurred up there wasn’t consensual,” said Police Chief Scott Ferguson. Blood and urine samples have been sent to the Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory for evaluation. All the students who were hospitalized have now been released.

Via CNN.

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