Students Invent Nail Polish That Detects Date Rape Drugs

Even if you’ve never been to a party or bar, I bet you know their number one rule: Never leave your drink unattended. There’s also its cousin, never accept a drink from someone if you didn’t see them make it. Why all the rules?

mixed drinks

In the United States, 18 percent of women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. That’s nearly one in five. Often, the assaults are facilitated by the use of date rape drugs. These include Rohypnol, Xanax and GHB.

Problem is, these drugs can be difficult to detect, and up to now, no one has figured out a reliable, and discreet, way to check for them and still maintain your drink. That may change with a new idea from four undergraduates at NC State University. They’re developing a nail polish, Undercover Colors, which changes colors in the presence of common date rape drugs.

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Caffienated Colt 45 Blast to Take Four Loko’s Place on College Campuses

UPDATE 3/30/2011: This article is incorrect. Colt 45 does not contain caffeine. However, due to it’s fruity flavors and celebrity endorsements, many people are concerned that it will attract underage drinkers and encourage binge drinking.

Last semester, Four Loko was all the rage on college campuses across the country. At less than $2.50 a can, these highly caffeinated alcoholic beverages were a cheap and quick way to get drunk – something that appeals to many college students. However, the drinks’ dangerous combination of stimulants and depressants had deadly consequences for several students. As a result, the drinks were banned from stores shelves until the makers altered the recipe and removed the caffeine.

Now, another caffeinated alcoholic beverages is hitting the stores and it has the same dangerous ingredients as Four Loko. Blast by Colt 45 is sold in 23.5 ounce cans and bottles and contains 12 percent alcohol, just like Four Loko. Blast also has famous rapper Snoop Dogg as it’s promotional spokesperson.  Some are very concerned that by having Snoop Dogg associated with the drink, Blast will target young adults and underage drinkers who will not be able to consume the drink safely and in moderation, which could result in alcohol poisoning.

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Get Over Your Hangover Faster

If you’re like most college students, you’ve probably spent New Year’s Day curled up in a ball or, even worse, hunched over a toilet dry heaving.

Squandering all of your day to recover from your hangover is one of the worst ways to spend your holiday. This time of year is about enjoying the company of your friends and family, so, this year, learn how to get over that hangover sooner.

Read these tips on how to recover from a night of binge drinking:

Drinking on an empty stomach is a no-no: You want to line your stomach with some nutrients so your body can absorb the after effects of alcohol. Eat something light and healthy before you head to the bars.

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Best and Worst Drink Choices at Holiday Parties

For college upperclassmen, especially those in high profiled company internships programs, holiday parties can be a little stressful. Often times students are wondering what to wear, how much to drink, is it okay to even drink at all and most commonly, should they even bother going? The answer is yes, of course you should go. Holiday parties can be fun and great networking opportunities, but you should definitely be conscious of your alcohol consumption.

Obviously, you should never overindulge with alcohol, or drink irresponsibly, but you should also consider the calories you’re ingesting along with that cocktail.

Here is a list of the best and worst cocktail choices for the calorie-conscious that are typically served at holiday parties to give you a better idea of just what those drinks will set you back.

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State May Ban Four Loko After University Incident

four loko cans

UPDATE [15/11/10]: The New York State Liquor Authority has pressured beverages distributors to stop shipping caffeinated energy drinks to the state, effectively banning them. Also, Phusion announced that it will be selling a caffeine-free version of Four Loko.

UPDATE [11/11/10]: Alcoholic energy drinks have now been banned in Michigan, Oklahoma and Washington.

UPDATE [11/10/10]: The State Liquor Control board approved an emergency ban on caffeinated alcohol drinks in a unanimous vote that will take place November 18, and last for 120 days while the board takes steps to make the ban permanent.

Tomorrow the Washington State Liquor Control Board will vote on a proposed ban on alcoholic energy drinks, like Four Loko. These beverages were involved in the hospitalization of several Central Washington University students.

Because the caffeine and other stimulants mask feelings of intoxication, it is easy for those drinking beverages like Four Loko to consume too much too quickly. The health complications linked to alcoholic energy drinks has already led New Jersey’s Ramapo College to ban the substance. Central Washington University’s President James Gaudino has followed suit.

“We need to make sure that we’re sending a strong message to students about the dangers of alcohol energy drinks, and we need to know more about the way it affects health and behavior,” Gaudino told CNN.

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Alcohol is More Dangerous than Heroin

alcoholDrinking is considered a rite of passage for a large number of college students. Responsible drinking is a recreational past-time that’s widely accepted (although technically banned) at most colleges. The majority of parents acknowledge and accept that their little babies will be getting plastered on most weekends while away at school. It’s all part of that delicate time between, “I’m young and life is short so let’s have some fun!” and “No, I can’t go out this Friday. It was a rough week at the office and we can’t find a babysitter.” It’s both a social tool and a tension tamer (something greatly needed by all college students.)

Why is alcohol so readily accepted in our society, but the recreational use of other drugs is not? Alcohol is, after all, a drug, but society has deemed it as less harmful than others. Does alcohol deserve such a mild reputation when compared to its perception-altering cousins such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine and ecstasy? A recent British study says no, it does not. Read the rest of this entry »

Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages Cause Severe Health Complications for Students

four lokoYesterday I went to the liquor store to buy a bottle of wine to celebrate the end of midterms. While I was browsing the aisles, I saw a big aluminum can that looked a lot like an energy drink. Upon further examination, I realized it was an energy drink that also contains 12 percent alcohol. The idea of this combination didn’t appeal to me, and evidently that’s a really good thing.

These new high alcohol, high caffeine drinks are causing some serious health effects for young people. Recently, a 19-year old man arrived at the emergency room of Temple University Hospital. He was suffering a heart attack, something that is highly unexpected for someone his age. After much questioning, he admitted that he’d been drinking these alcoholic energy drinks and it was because of these drinks that he had a heart attack. Read the rest of this entry »

Alcoholic Energy Drinks Banned at Jersey College

four-lokoNew Jersey’s Ramapo College is banning alcoholic energy drinks after several students were hospitalized. The students had been drinking Four Loko, a beverage that contains caffeine, other energy-boosting ingredients and 12 percent alcohol. Many students see the stimulating drinks as an inexpensive way to get drunk fast and stay up all night.

The ban took effect October 1st, after 23 students were hospitalized within the same week, a portion of whom had been consuming Four Loko. “There’s no redeeming social purpose to be served by having the beverage,” said college president Peter Mercer. Fox News reports that Mercer is also encouraging other New Jersey colleges to follow suit.

The FDA has been investigating whether drinks containing both alcohol (a depressant) and stimulants are safe, particularly when the feelings of intoxication can mask other symptoms. Research conducted at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine found that cocktails containing Red Bull are more dangerous than alcohol alone. Anheuser-Busch has already agreed to reformulate Sparks, a similar alcoholic beverage.

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Roofies Suspected in the Hospitalization of 12 Students


UPDATE [10/25/10]: After further investigation, officials reported that the students were drunk, not drugged. Nine of the hospitalized students had been drinking Four Loko, an controversial alcoholic energy drink.

Twelve Central Washington University students were hospitalized Friday night. The students, 11 of whom are female, were the victims of spiked drinks, although the contaminating substance is still unknown. Several of those hospitalized reported consuming only one or two drinks before falling ill.

Around 11:00 P.M. police responded to a report of a girl lying unconscious in the back of a car. When authorities arrived at the girl’s residence in Roslyn, they found several more students similarly afflicted. Guests at the party reported that the girls very suddenly started vomiting and losing consciousness.

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The Best Oktoberfest Celebrations in the U.S.

OktoberfestAsk almost any college student what their favorite type of beer is, and you are likely to get a long babble about a particular brand or style and how this beer is the best beer in the world. However, we college students don’t know squat about beer compared to the Germans.

In Germany, there is a 16-day long festival devoted to beers, drinking beer, singing songs about beer, and just about any other beer-related activity you can think of. What is this fantastic beer-belly-inducing celebration called? Oktoberfest!

The original Oktoberfest is held in Munich, Germany every September. It is also the world’s largest fair, with around six million people attending every year. This year is the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest, and the celebrations will start on September 18 and last until October 4, 2010. Read the rest of this entry »


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