drinking alcohol

drinking alcohol

Students Invent Nail Polish That Detects Date Rape Drugs

Even if you’ve never been to a party or bar, I bet you know their number one rule: Never leave your drink unattended. There’s also its cousin, never accept a drink from someone if you didn’t see them make it. Why all the rules?

mixed drinks

In the United States, 18 percent of women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. That’s nearly one in five. Often, the assaults are facilitated by the use of date rape drugs. These include Rohypnol, Xanax and GHB.

Problem is, these drugs can be difficult to detect, and up to now, no one has figured out a reliable, and discreet, way to check for them and still maintain your drink. That may change with a new idea from four undergraduates at NC State University. They’re developing a nail polish, Undercover Colors, which changes colors in the presence of common date rape drugs.

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Energy Drink Consumption Linked to Alcoholism

Written by Jason Knapfel

According to SymphonyIRI Group, a Chicago-based market research firm, sales of energy drinks rose nine percent to $3.54 billion last summer. It’s a booming business with a loyal fan base, particularly with college students.

The energy drinks’ high doses of sugar and caffeine help students stay up all night cramming for tests, or to stay up to let loose and party, often mixing them with alcohol.

“Mostly college students buy,” says Adam Smith, a convenience store worker in Shelby, North Carolina. “Different age groups, but primarily college students.”

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The Best Oktoberfest Celebrations in the U.S.

OktoberfestAsk almost any college student what their favorite type of beer is, and you are likely to get a long babble about a particular brand or style and how this beer is the best beer in the world. However, we college students don’t know squat about beer compared to the Germans.

In Germany, there is a 16-day long festival devoted to beers, drinking beer, singing songs about beer, and just about any other beer-related activity you can think of. What is this fantastic beer-belly-inducing celebration called? Oktoberfest!

The original Oktoberfest is held in Munich, Germany every September. It is also the world’s largest fair, with around six million people attending every year. This year is the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest, and the celebrations will start on September 18 and last until October 4, 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

Potential Employers Think Less of Drinking Candidates

wine-interviewWhen it comes to interviews, there’s a generally held belief that emulating your future boss is a good idea. For example, stay standing until they sit. If your interview is in a cafe or restaurant setting, order something comparable to what your interviewer orders. But there’s one big exception to this rule: alcohol. Even if your potential employer orders an alcoholic beverage first.

New research conducted by Scott Rick from University of Michigan and Maurice E. Schweitzer University of Pennsylvania shows that people perceive you as less intelligent when you drink, even if they are drinking also. Their finding are published in a paper titled “The Imbibing Idiot Bias: Merely Holding an Alcoholic Beverage Can be Hazardous to Your (Perceived) Intelligence.” They simulated interviews and then asked observers to comment on them. Even with the dialogue unchanged, observers found anyone holding an alcoholic beverage less intelligent. If the conversation was a job interview, they found drinkers to seem less hirable. They found that the bias applied to drinkers of both beer and wine, and was unchanged by the gender of the drinker.

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