binge drinking

binge drinking

The Big Don’ts of College Drinking That May Save Your Life

A majority of college parties involve alcohol, and it is rather a hot topic for college students. According to, about 30,000 college students require medical treatment after overdosing on alcohol each year. Most college students binge drink, which is the consumption of five or more alcoholic drinks in a row on at least one occasion. Mary Hartley, RD, the nutrition expert for, confirms that, “it is a big problem among teens and adults.”

Binge drinking can do more than speed up the process of intoxication. According to Mary, “Young people frequently combine drinking and high risk activities and so heavy drinking carries a risk of serious injury due to falls or wrecks, as well as pregnancy, or sexually transmitted disease, date rape, and even death from alcohol poisoning.”

Binge drinking can also lead to alcohol abuse. Because alcohol is a normal part of the lifestyle, college students aren’t likely to stop drinking because of warnings of dangerous risks. However, they can certainly be more informed and be safer when they do imbibe. Read the rest of this entry »

Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered to 18?

Some press has been given lately to the topic of lowering the legal drinking age to 18. Anyone that has spent time on a typical college campus or been to a secret high school party has probably witnessed underage drinking, often to the point of binge drinking. The idea of lowering the drinking age has its supporters and critics as most issues do. Several colleges and universities have come out in support of lowering the drinking age. Of course some of the consequences of lowering the drinking age could be increase instances of DUI arrests and accidents, increased alcohol consumption and a possible increase of alcoholism.

Some of the positive viewpoints are that by lowering the age, you will have less overconsumption and fewer people breaking the law. People tend to find something more intriguing when they are told they can’t have it, and many underage drinkers consume alcohol in excess. No matter what your thoughts on lowering the drinking age, one additional thing to consider is how this could affect your education as a college student. If the drinking age is lowered and there is an increase in alcohol related injuries or even deaths will the college be held accountable if these things happen on campus?

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Caffienated Colt 45 Blast to Take Four Loko’s Place on College Campuses

UPDATE 3/30/2011: This article is incorrect. Colt 45 does not contain caffeine. However, due to it’s fruity flavors and celebrity endorsements, many people are concerned that it will attract underage drinkers and encourage binge drinking.

Last semester, Four Loko was all the rage on college campuses across the country. At less than $2.50 a can, these highly caffeinated alcoholic beverages were a cheap and quick way to get drunk – something that appeals to many college students. However, the drinks’ dangerous combination of stimulants and depressants had deadly consequences for several students. As a result, the drinks were banned from stores shelves until the makers altered the recipe and removed the caffeine.

Now, another caffeinated alcoholic beverages is hitting the stores and it has the same dangerous ingredients as Four Loko. Blast by Colt 45 is sold in 23.5 ounce cans and bottles and contains 12 percent alcohol, just like Four Loko. Blast also has famous rapper Snoop Dogg as it’s promotional spokesperson.  Some are very concerned that by having Snoop Dogg associated with the drink, Blast will target young adults and underage drinkers who will not be able to consume the drink safely and in moderation, which could result in alcohol poisoning.

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Get Over Your Hangover Faster

If you’re like most college students, you’ve probably spent New Year’s Day curled up in a ball or, even worse, hunched over a toilet dry heaving.

Squandering all of your day to recover from your hangover is one of the worst ways to spend your holiday. This time of year is about enjoying the company of your friends and family, so, this year, learn how to get over that hangover sooner.

Read these tips on how to recover from a night of binge drinking:

Drinking on an empty stomach is a no-no: You want to line your stomach with some nutrients so your body can absorb the after effects of alcohol. Eat something light and healthy before you head to the bars.

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Worst College Drinking Trends of 2010

College is the time to do stupid stuff or, rather, to drink stupid stuff, right? The year 2010, especially, was a year for college students to drink some pretty crazy concoctions. While Four Loko landed several students in the hospital, Suicide Shots may have caused others to hurl into the toilet.

Check out this list of drinking trends that will hopefully expire in 2011:

Suicide shots: Probably the most uncomfortable way to take a tequila shot: Snort the salt, down the shot and squirt the lime into your eye.

Drive-thru daiquiris: Don’t ask me how it’s legal, but apparently, in Louisiana, you can purchase these fruity drinks from a drive-thru window. Sure, you can get drunk in the parking lot, but how do you plan on getting home?

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Teens Drinking Less, Using More Marijuana

According to Fox News, the United States government conducts a yearly study to estimate how many pre-teen and teenagers are using drugs and which drugs are most popular. The survey was released by the National Institutes of Health and though it revealed some good news, it came as a shock that some drug classes are seeing an increase in use.

The teenage binge drinking rate was at its highest in 1998, at 31.5 percent, but teen drinking is on the decline. In the last year, it’s dropped down to 23.2 percent. I realize it could be (and should be) lower, but when compared to what it was 10 years ago, it’s hard not to be pleased with the number!

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Alcohol is More Dangerous than Heroin

alcoholDrinking is considered a rite of passage for a large number of college students. Responsible drinking is a recreational past-time that’s widely accepted (although technically banned) at most colleges. The majority of parents acknowledge and accept that their little babies will be getting plastered on most weekends while away at school. It’s all part of that delicate time between, “I’m young and life is short so let’s have some fun!” and “No, I can’t go out this Friday. It was a rough week at the office and we can’t find a babysitter.” It’s both a social tool and a tension tamer (something greatly needed by all college students.)

Why is alcohol so readily accepted in our society, but the recreational use of other drugs is not? Alcohol is, after all, a drug, but society has deemed it as less harmful than others. Does alcohol deserve such a mild reputation when compared to its perception-altering cousins such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine and ecstasy? A recent British study says no, it does not. Read the rest of this entry »

Suspected Roofies Turn Out to Be Four Loko

four-lokoTwo weeks ago, 12 students were hospitalized after suddenly falling ill at a Central Washington University party. The students were predominately female and some suspected that roofies were involved. After further investigation, police determined that nine of those hospitalized had been drinking Four Loko, and none had been drugged.

During a press conference today, officials said that students had blood alcohol levels that ranged from .123 to .335, with an average of .23, reports KOMO News. The legal limit to drive in the area is .08.

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5 Reasons Not to Binge Drink

barMost students think that college is the time to party. You may have fewer commitments, more leisure time and no parental guidance; that sounds like an awesome time, right? Well living it up in college doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend it binge drinking. Sure, that peer pressure mom warned you about is tough to ignore in college. Plus, some parties can be socially awkward, and you may cling to the beer can to become more outgoing. While heavy drinking may seem like a necessary college pastime, it comes with several risks:

Your wallet: you probably thought it was just the books and tuition that broke your bank, but you can plan on spending $25 to $50 a night boozing it up at a club.

Weight gain: If you’re trying to lose the “freshman 15”, binge drinking isn’t going to help. There’s roughly 750 calories in 5 cans of beer and 2500 in 5 margaritas. Read the rest of this entry »

Drunkorexia: New Eating Disorder on the Rise

drunkorexia-new-eating-disorderYou may not have heard the term “drunkorexia” before, but it’s likely that you’ve witnessed some of its symptoms. Binge drinking is on the rise on college campuses, while the pressure for young women to be thin is just as high as ever. Drunkorexia combines symptoms of alcoholism, bulimia and anorexia, all under the guise of a glamorous party-girl lifestyle.

“When I was a freshman, my roommate and I would consume less than 300 calories on days that we were going to go out drinking,” one Harvard student told “We would eat egg whites for breakfast and then a vegan boca burger with mustard and no bun for lunch and dinner. We would also only drink water and black coffee. We would eat our meals together and encourage each other not to eat anything else. I cringe now thinking about it.”
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