Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered to 18?

Some press has been given lately to the topic of lowering the legal drinking age to 18. Anyone that has spent time on a typical college campus or been to a secret high school party has probably witnessed underage drinking, often to the point of binge drinking. The idea of lowering the drinking age has its supporters and critics as most issues do. Several colleges and universities have come out in support of lowering the drinking age. Of course some of the consequences of lowering the drinking age could be increase instances of DUI arrests and accidents, increased alcohol consumption and a possible increase of alcoholism.

Some of the positive viewpoints are that by lowering the age, you will have less overconsumption and fewer people breaking the law. People tend to find something more intriguing when they are told they can’t have it, and many underage drinkers consume alcohol in excess. No matter what your thoughts on lowering the drinking age, one additional thing to consider is how this could affect your education as a college student. If the drinking age is lowered and there is an increase in alcohol related injuries or even deaths will the college be held accountable if these things happen on campus?

Many colleges require that incoming freshmen live on campus when they come to college if their permanent residence is not in the same city. Many believe that overall, drinking incidents will decrease if the drinking age is lowered, but the same cannot be said for the period right after a new law is put in place. It’s possible that those 18 through 20 may drink in excess upon hearing that they have that legal ability. If this happens and students don’t know their limits, colleges and universities may find they are dealing with bad press and even lawsuits for things that happen on their campuses.

Binge drinking has been popular at fraternity and sorority parties which often happen at locations on college campuses. If a university has to go through lawsuits or image struggles, this could trickle to the students and force tuition increases and a possible class requirement on drinking. With tuition prices constantly on the rise, current and future students would benefit from looking at all of the possible outcomes for an important decision like lowering the drinking age.

Via LA Times

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