Rape Chant Shouted by Yale Frat Pledges [VIDEO]

yale-logoIt seems that a contingent of Yale‘s male population forgot their school’s motto “Lux et Veritas,” or “Light and Truth,” while participating in fraternity activities last Wednesday. Pledges of Yale’s Delta Kappa Epsilon chapter paraded in front of The Yale Women’s Center shouting an offensive and rape-trivializing chant. The fraternity’s potential new recruits chanted “no means yes” and “yes means anal,” mocking common anti-rape campaigns.  A viral video of the chant has garnered more attention.

CNN reports that the international board of Delta Kappa Epsilon has condemned the Yale chapter’s actions and affirmed that the chant is offensive. Yale has not commented on whether or not they will be taking disciplinary actions against those participating or those organizing the pledging activities. The dean of the college, Mary Miller, stated that “any and all disciplinary processes are confidential at Yale.” Members of Yale’s chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon declined to comment.

About 150 students, mostly from the Women’s Center and the fraternity met to discuss the vulgar demonstration. Millier’s statement also said she hoped these talks will lead to better mutual respect on campus.

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3 Responses to “Rape Chant Shouted by Yale Frat Pledges [VIDEO]”

  1. Dan says:

    How disgusting

  2. nancyb says:

    And to think I was sorry that my kid got turned down by Yale…..

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