extracurricular activity

extracurricular activity

6 Ways to Have the Best Time in College

Those four years fly by fast, and college is a time in your life where you’ll have the least responsibility with the most independence. The best way to utilize that time is to have as much fun as possible. Additionally, you should learn as much as you can both inside and outside of the classroom. Take an actual interest in your classes, try new things and meet new people.

Here are six things you must do before you graduate:

Take a random class: Sure, yoga and ceramics may not get you any closer to graduation day, but if it is a class that sounds like lots of fun, then go for it. Even if you’ve gained all of your elective credits, any class that looks like it could relieve your stress and expand your mind will only benefit you.

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Setting Yourself Apart for College Acceptance

One of the main things colleges will look at when reviewing your application is what makes you stick out from all the other applicants who are just as qualified, if not more qualified than you. But what exactly will really make you stick out and set you apart from all the other applicants the college is considering for admissions?

girl scoutsOne thing for me is how involved I have been with yes, Girl Scouts. This year will be my 12th year as a Girl Scout. I have earned all my religious awards and was just recently awarded my Gold Award (which is the equivalent of the Eagle Scout award). Even though I’ve been teased countless times about being in scouts at my age, I have stuck with it because of all the opportunities scouts has offered me. Colleges will see how long I’ve been involved with scouts and say to themselves “this girl is someone dedicated and sticks with things she starts,” and that’s one thing that will set me apart from all the other applicants.

Another thing that I do that will stick out is how involved I’ve been with my youth group. I am involved with my church on the district level as a Lutheran Youth Fellowship Representative. This position shows that I have leadership skills and that these skills can be used in almost any situation, especially when a leader is needed!

So find something that sets you apart, to those reading your applications, from all the other applications they will review. Whether it’s a sport you excel in or another extracurricular activity that you have participated in for years, such as my Girl Scouts, then be sure to make a big deal out of it! Sell yourself, a little bragging never hurt! Stick out like a sore thumb!

Should You Load Up on Extracurricular Activities in High School?

If you’re applying for college, you’ve probably heard that colleges want to see a record of extracurricular activities on your high school transcript. But how many extracurriculars do you need—and can you participate too much?

Yes, you can participate too much—if your extracurricular activities are interfering with your ability to get the best grades possible. While schools are looking for activities, what they’re looking for most is grades. They want to see that you’ve taken the at least some of the most challenging classes available to you in your high school, and that you’ve done well in these classes. And they want to see an outstanding GPA. If you have to choose between an A and an activity, the decision should be a no-brainer.

As for the number of activities, you don’t have to join everything in sight. What colleges like to see is commitment to one or a few activities over the course of a few years. Ideally, they like to see that you’ve taken on leadership positions in these activities. For example, writing extensively for the high school newspaper for four years, and then becoming the editor, looks fantastic, even if that’s your only activity. Belonging to a dozen activities for shorter periods of time with no leadership position doesn’t look nearly as strong.

In addition, colleges like to see activities that relate to other parts of your application, including your proposed major, if you have one. If you’re the editor of your school newspaper and want to major in English or journalism, that looks great.

This doesn’t mean you can’t join activities just because they sound fun, or that you can’t try out a bunch of stuff until you find something you like. However, keep in mind that some extracurriculars look better than others, and that you can overdo it if your grades suffer.


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