How to Be a Better Freshman

Freshman year is a big deal. You’re experiencing and encountering so many new things at once, and they all seem like make it or break it situations. However, you can relax knowing that while everything seems like a huge deal, in the long run, most things aren’t. By following some simple tips, you’ll be navigating your first year of college so well; people may think you’re a sophomore!


DO create some distance; DON’T be a stranger
For many incoming freshmen, this is the first time they’ve been away from home. No matter the distance, if you’re living on campus instead of at home, it’s going to be an adjustment. Establish some sense of independence while living in the dorms. Instead of calling the parents every time you can’t figure out laundry, roommate problems or homework, try working it out on your own or asking someone on your floor.

Of course, don’t ignore your family completely. Check in periodically and share how you’re doing. Try to visit at least a few times a semester. You’ll be surprised to find how much those conversations and visits mean after being away for a while.

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MTV’s I Used to Be Fat Helps Obese Teens Turn Their Lives Around

MTV has done it again. Their newest show, “I Used to Be Fat,” follows teens who are facing a real-life obstacle – obesity – and their paths to success. MTV has also created other shows that document the lives of teens in tough situations, such as teen pregnancy in “16 and Pregnant” or “If You Really Knew Me,” where teens cross social cliques to really get to know each other. So far, there have been four episodes of “I Used to Be Fat.”

The first episode allowed us to follow Homecoming Queen Gabriella during her summer of dieting and exercising. Gabriella lost a total of 90 pounds and developed skills to improve her relationship with her mother.

After Gabriella came Marci, a homeschooled teen who was moving away to college. During the summer before her freshman year, she teamed up with a personal trainer to conquer her obesity and address her personal demons.

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6 Tips for Incoming College Freshmen

Here are some tips I wish someone had told me when I was a freshman!College is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. Here are some tips for incoming college freshmen to help make the first year a successful one!

1. Don’t schedule your classes too early in the morning. In high school, you were used to having a class every morning at 8 a.m. But trust me, it’s different in college. Maybe it’s because Mom isn’t there to tell you to go to bed, or maybe because you realize that your bedroom absolutely has to be cleaned at midnight, but whatever the reason, college students tend to stay up later. The later you stay up, the earlier 8 a.m. is going to seem. Take my advice and try to not schedule yourself for early classes every morning. And if you do, invest in a large travel coffee mug; you’ll want it later. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Ways College Freshmen Can Prepare During the Summer

college students lostGraduation is over, you’re reaffirming to your parents everyday that you’re an adult now, and all you want to do is move in to the dorm. The summer prior to your freshman year of college can seem terribly long, as you’re wrought with anticipation of this new life outside of high school, curfews and younger siblings. The freedom can seem intoxicating, but it will be short-lived if you don’t prepare now.

Use these coming weeks to really prepare yourself for the college experience, especially if you’re planning to move away from home.

1. Drive the Distance. If you’re within driving distance, make at least one practice drive to campus from home, and vice versa. New territory can be hard for anyone to navigate, and if you’re not used to highway or interstate driving, it’s worth taking your college ride for a spin to familiarize yourself with the route.

2. Check-out Campus. While you’re there, familiarize yourself with campus. You likely took a guided campus tour, but this time you should do it on your own. Find your dorm, the cafeteria, the shopping district or mall and decent restaurants. Read the rest of this entry »

College Freshmen Anticipate Major Life Changes

college-girls-pizza-partyWith my senior year drawing closer and closer to its close, and college enrollment beginning, it’s interesting to think about where I will be this time next year. Obviously, down in good old Tulsa, Oklahoma, but how much of me will have changed by then? I remember talking to a parent of a friend recently about majoring options and college and they commented on how in the first six months of college you will experience more change than you experienced in all four years of high school.

This little bit of information was actually a scary thought for me. I will know how to do my own laundry and how to iron by the time school starts, but do I want to change? The key to happiness, in my opinion, is being happy with who you are and knowing you are. In the past four years, I have learned plenty about myself and who I am and I am unsure about this whole changing thing. But thinking about it, maybe there still are some changes that need to be made! Read the rest of this entry »

Britain’s Princess Beatrice Goes to University

When you’re a typical freshman, you have all kinds of stresses in your life — a new roommate, homesickness, worries about finances, worries about classes, and so forth. When you’re a princess, though, you probably don’t have these worries. Princess Beatrice of York — the oldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson — just started Goldsmith’s College in London, where she plans to study history and the history of ideas.  Beatrice is living in nearby St. James Palace, so she doesn’t have to worry about dorm life and cafeteria food and such.

What you do have to worry about when you’re a princess and a college student is that the media’s going to be watching your every move, especially in the UK, where there’s an insatiable appetite for news about the royals. Poor Beatrice quickly learned that after a night of partying that caused her to be 20 minutes late to her philosophy class, she’s all over the tabloids.  Oops.  There’s also much ado being made about her pricey Louis Vuitton satchel that she uses to carry her books.

Think of that the next time you’re 20 minutes late for class.  Yes, you have to worry about roommates and tuition, but you don’t have your every move scrutinized by the media.


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