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How to Be a Better Freshman

Freshman year is a big deal. You’re experiencing and encountering so many new things at once, and they all seem like make it or break it situations. However, you can relax knowing that while everything seems like a huge deal, in the long run, most things aren’t. By following some simple tips, you’ll be navigating your first year of college so well; people may think you’re a sophomore!


DO create some distance; DON’T be a stranger
For many incoming freshmen, this is the first time they’ve been away from home. No matter the distance, if you’re living on campus instead of at home, it’s going to be an adjustment. Establish some sense of independence while living in the dorms. Instead of calling the parents every time you can’t figure out laundry, roommate problems or homework, try working it out on your own or asking someone on your floor.

Of course, don’t ignore your family completely. Check in periodically and share how you’re doing. Try to visit at least a few times a semester. You’ll be surprised to find how much those conversations and visits mean after being away for a while.

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Teens are Texting All Night Long

texting in classThe very technology that was developed to bring us closer together is posing some serious side effects. For years now, inquiring minds throughout the world have asked whether social media is creating socially-stunted youth. Has the internet and text messaging bred a generation of people who would prefer to avoid one-on-one social situations and conversations? Has the age of convenience caused our obesity rates to skyrocket? Are young adults losing their sense of self, panicking when they don’t have constant contact with their friends? Now we’re forced to ask another question: Is technology snatching precious hours of sleep from our kids?

Why, yes it is, says researchers from the JFK Medical Center. It turns out that teens, on average, are texting 34 times each night. This texting-activity takes place in the middle of the night, after the teens have gone to sleep. Teenagers, sleeping with their cell phones under their pillow or on their nightstands, are neglecting to consider that this late-night texting is interrupting their sleep cycles. I wonder how many of them know that insufficient amounts and poor quality of sleep can cause: Read the rest of this entry »

How to Beat College Downtime

sorority sisters“I’m bored” should never be a phrase uttered by a college student, especially one living on campus. Between classes and studying, dorm activities, intramural sports, Greek activities and the endless of other social and academic events taking place, every student can and will find a place to keep them occupied.

Here are some sure-fire places to find fellow coeds killing time and not being bored.

  • Start in the dorm. Whether with your roommate or the girls across the hall, watch a movie, go shopping or just grab a snack and chat.
  • Go clubbin’. And we don’t mean at the bar. Most larger colleges and universities have hundreds of clubs and organizations that suit nearly every possible interest and college major. Join one, or two. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Butterfly or Wall Flower?

High school is one of the best times to work on ones social skills! High school isn’t all about the grades, and although grades and academics should be your main focus, making yourself social though is also a very important aspect of your high school years!

teenagersThere are many ways in high school to be social.  Some can be simply eating lunch with a group to attending school related functions such as football/basketball games or dances.  By doing these things you cannot only make many friends, but also develop social skills that seem to be critical these days when looking for any sort of job.  Looking at almost any job, you interact with people on a different number of levels and while some may interact with people more than others, social skills still seem to be a critical skill for those who are entering the work force.

Of course, there is a point where a high schooler can become ‘too social’. When a student begins to slip academically this is when parents should step in and draw lines that their student shouldn’t be allowed to pass.  Academics and school should come before all the other stuff because ultimately your academic record is going to get you somewhere, not how many parties you attended. Another thing to be cautious of is pictures from parties that are posted online. I have heard that many schools have been looking at potential students’ Myspace and Facebook pages to see what the student is like outside of school and having pictures of you doing things such as drinking and other activities that are frowned upon may not be the best thing! So make sure if you do stuff like that, that pictures and such aren’t posted to where schools can see them because this may harm your chances of being accepted.

So although I may urge you to be social and develop your social skills, realize that being social shouldn’t cut into your academics. Set your own boundaries, because you know your boundaries the best! Finding balance between school and social activities when boundaries are developed will come even easier.


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