Fifth Annual Quidditch World Cup to Be Held in NYC

5th Annual Quidditch World Cup LogoOver 100 college teams will gather on Randall’s Island in New York City this coming weekend to compete in the fifth International Quidditch Association World Cup. Sometimes referred to as “Muggle Quidditch,” the sport inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series has continued to grow since the first non-fiction game of Quidditch was played at Middlebury College in 2005. This year, the International Quidditch Association will host 100 colleges and over 2,000 players at the two-day event, with teams representing colleges from the U.S., Canada and Finland, along with high school teams.

Currently, the top ranking teams, according to the International Quidditch Association, are Middlebury College, University of Kansas, Louisiana State University, Texas A&M and Emerson College.

In addition to ten fields of match-ups, the World Cup is accompanied by a festival and live music. The headliner of the half-time show has yet to be announced, but a public relations representative from the Quidditch Association indicated that that there will be a major musical act performing on Sunday.

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College Students Hold First Midwest Quidditch Cup

2011 Midwest Quddich CupWho says you have to be a British teenage wizard to enjoy a good Quidditch game? Last weekend, 300 college students from the Midwest USA proved that these traits are not at all a requirement to participate in a Quidditch cup. The students were from various universities, including Purdue, Ball State, University of Michigan, and Ohio State University.

“I was going to be in club soccer, but when I heard about Quidditch, I wanted to try it,” said Michael Koester, a freshman at Ball State University. “The great thing about this you don’t have to be a great athlete. I’ve made so many friends, and we have lots of fun together.”

It seems that Koester isn’t the only one who now prefers Quidditch, a fantasy game with players who ride on broomsticks, to other sports.

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Harry Potter’s Quidditch Game Comes to Life

I love Harry Potter. I know that the Ministry of Magic has been infiltrated by Lord Voldemort. I know who Dobby is and I know all about the Triwizard Tournament. I admit all of this and yet, I must say that I am still shocked to learn that hundreds, thousands of real-life Muggle Quidditch teams have been assembled across the world.

College and high school students are taking the wildly popular world of Harry Potter out of the conventions and out of the libraries and they are taking over college campuses. If you don’t know what Quidditch is, then I’m going to have to point you in the direction of Amazon, where you can purchase the full Harry Potter series. Read it, maybe even watch the movie, and then come back because I can’t possibly tell you everything there is to know in one post!

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