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Harry Potter

College Students Hold First Midwest Quidditch Cup

2011 Midwest Quddich CupWho says you have to be a British teenage wizard to enjoy a good Quidditch game? Last weekend, 300 college students from the Midwest USA proved that these traits are not at all a requirement to participate in a Quidditch cup. The students were from various universities, including Purdue, Ball State, University of Michigan, and Ohio State University.

“I was going to be in club soccer, but when I heard about Quidditch, I wanted to try it,” said Michael Koester, a freshman at Ball State University. “The great thing about this you don’t have to be a great athlete. I’ve made so many friends, and we have lots of fun together.”

It seems that Koester isn’t the only one who now prefers Quidditch, a fantasy game with players who ride on broomsticks, to other sports.

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The Best Costumes for Halloween 2011

Angelica Teach from Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween is quickly creeping up on us, and if you are like me, you want to have the best costume of all of your friends this year! Last year, I somewhat failed on this and ended up wearing a leather jacket and going as a “Biker Chick.” That was it. Pretty creative, huh?

Well, this year is going to be different! I’ve come up with a great list of costume ideas and inspirations that I would love to share with you so that you don’t have a similar experience to mine last year.

First off, we have costumes for the ladies:

  • Lady Gaga. This one leaves you plenty of room for creativity, so try to channel Gaga when you are coming up with your costume. You could copy one of her more memorable outfits (meat suit, anyone?) or come up with your own creative that Lady G would be proud of.
  • Snooki. This would make a great costume for anyone because you are sure to get a reaction from your friends, no matter whether they love or hate the show. Copy Snooki’s mile-high hair, revealing clothes, and bad-girl attitude to rock this costume idea.
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II Leaves Fan Completely Satisfied

I first met Harry Potter when I was nine-years old during reading-time in my fourth grade class. For me, it was love at first sight, and I’m sure Harry would have felt the same if he were not a fictional character.  The story of a boy who was around my age but had to face dragons, monsters, and a mass murderer within his first year deeply enthralled me, and although he certainly was much braver than I was, I felt a connection to Harry because we both had a very cruel and scary teacher (I referred to my teacher as “Snape” behind his back for the rest of my elementary school career).

Flash forward a few years and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was in the movie theaters. Ever since the first movie, I have been in line on the opening day (or at midnight, as the movies progressed) in order to watch my beloved characters fight evil while also having a few laughs along the way. So, obviously, as soon as I got off work on July 14, 2011, I headed to my local theater and joined the hundreds of other people who were standing in line, waiting to get a good seat for the premiere of the final Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows, Part II.

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4 Ways to Have a Better Winter Break

Your finals are over. You’ve turned in your term papers, and you are enrolled for next semester. As you leave campus for the next few weeks, you will find that winter break can lead to laziness. So, before you plan to spend your break on the couch watching TV, read these tips on how to have a more productive and enjoyable winter break.

1. Make some cash: Find a job that will keep your stress to a minimum. Remember that you’re on break so you can unwind from that semester of cramming. Find a job babysitting, walking dogs, serving or other part-time jobs that will keep your work week short.

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Harry Potter’s Quidditch Game Comes to Life

I love Harry Potter. I know that the Ministry of Magic has been infiltrated by Lord Voldemort. I know who Dobby is and I know all about the Triwizard Tournament. I admit all of this and yet, I must say that I am still shocked to learn that hundreds, thousands of real-life Muggle Quidditch teams have been assembled across the world.

College and high school students are taking the wildly popular world of Harry Potter out of the conventions and out of the libraries and they are taking over college campuses. If you don’t know what Quidditch is, then I’m going to have to point you in the direction of Amazon, where you can purchase the full Harry Potter series. Read it, maybe even watch the movie, and then come back because I can’t possibly tell you everything there is to know in one post!

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Nude Photos of Emma Watson Circling at Brown University

Often thought of as innocent Hermione Granger, real life actress Emma Watson‘s squeaky-clean image has hit a rough patch. A nude photo of her is circling around Brown University’s campus.

According to the Daily Mail, topless photos of the 20-year-old Harry Potter star are ending up in students’ email boxes. These alleged photos show Watson, a junior at Brown, standing by a hot tub wearing only a towel around her waist.

“Emma is trying to seek out the source so she can put a stop to it,” Watson’s friend told the Daily Mail. “She says the picture has been faked.”

One of her representatives had this to say about the alleged nude photos:

“There have been a number of nude fakes over the past two months. Emma has seen them and finds them tiresome. People should know better.” Read the rest of this entry »

J. K. Rowling’s Education Background

Joanne Rowling, aka., J.K. Rowling, is the British author who is famous for writing the Harry Potter book series. Rowling is also famous for her “rags to riches” story: in less than five years, she went from living on benefits to being a multi-millionaire. Today, her net worth is estimated to be $1 billion, as reported by Forbes in March 2010. EDUinReview will now take a look at the education background of this magnificent author.

Rowling was born on July 31, 1965 in Yate, Gloucestershire, England. Her parents are Peter James Rowling and Anne Rowling. She has a younger sister, Dianne, who is 23 months younger than J.K. Read the rest of this entry »

Quidditch Players Lobby for Recognition from the NCAA

The fourth annual Quidditch World Cup will be held this coming weekend in New York City at De Witt Clinton Park. NPR reports that over 60 teams will compete in the Harry-Potter-inspired sport, including teams from Harvard, MIT, Penn State and Duke.

However, some feel the sport doesn’t receive the respect it deserves. Valerie Fischman, a student at University of Maryland, is lobbing for Quidditch to be recognized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. “I think that having NCAA status will give it a little more credibility and help keep it around a little bit longer,” Fischman said. “I’m hoping that it stays around after the Harry Potter generation leaves college.”

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Alan Rickman’s Education Background

alan rickmanAlan Rickman is an English actor who was born on February 21, 1946. He was born in Hammersmith, London. He has one older brother, one younger brother, and one younger sister. He is best known for his performances in Die Hard, Dogma, and as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies. EDUinReview will now take a look at the education background of this talented actor and theatre director.

Rickman’s family was a working class family. His father died when he was eight years old, leaving his mother alone to raise their four children. Rickman attended Derwentwater Primary School in Acton. He was very skilled at calligraphy and watercolor painting and won a scholarship to Latymer Upper School in London, which is where he first became interested in drama. After Latymer, he attended Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art. He then began a career as a graphic designer because he thought it was a more sensible career than acting. Read the rest of this entry »

Jamie Campbell Bower’s Education Background

jamie campbell bowerJamie Campbell Bower is an English actor who was born on November 22, 1988. Bower is one of the new actors to appear in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He will portray a young Gellert Grindelwald in the newest Harry Potter movie. EDUinReview would like to take a quick look at his education and acting backgrounds.

Bower was born in London, England. His family is a very musically-center one: his mother is a music manager and his father works for the Gibson Guitar Corporation.

Bower attended Bedales school, an independent school in Hampshire, England. While he was still at school at Bedales, he earned the part of “Anthony” in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. His family friend, Laura Michelle Kelly, recommended Bower for the part. After Sweeney Todd, Bower starred in RocknRolla, which was directed by Guy Ritchie. He also appeared in the Twilight movies, New Moon and Eclipse, as a member of the Volturi coven, Caius. Read the rest of this entry »


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