Miss America Laura Kaeppeler’s Education Background

headshot of the 2012 Miss America WinnerLast Saturday, Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler traded in her sash for a bigger and better title: Miss America 2012. It was a close finale between Kaeppeler and Miss Oklahoma, Betty Thompson, who had the most online votes. However, Kaeppeler wowed the judges with her Irish step dancing, open political views, and beautiful formal gown. EDUinReview will now take a look at this opera-singing beauty’s education background.

Kaeppeler was born in March 1988 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Her parents are Jeff and Sue Kaeppeler and she has two younger siblings, Rachel and Sarah. When Kaeppeler was 17-years old, her father was sentenced to serve time in prison for one year. Kaeppeler formed a support group for children whose parents are incarcerated, Circles of Support.

“I decided to take that on because I was one of those children and I see how important it is for those children,” she told People Magazine of her role in the support group. “Every parent deserves to have a relationship with their child and every child deserves that relation. My dad and I have never been closer.”

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GoDaddy Offers Ten $10,000 Scholarships

GoDaddy ScholarsInternet domain registrar and web-hosting giant GoDaddy is offering ten scholarships worth $10,000 each. To apply for the scholarship, students must submit an essay in 500 words or less about how they have used the Internet or Internet technologies to further their educations. The essays will be judged on creativity and quality.

GoDaddy scholars must also have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher, an ACT score or 18 and higher or an SAT score of 860 and higher, and be a legal resident of the United States. Applicants are also asked to provide two non-family letters of reference.

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William and Kate Receive Scholarship in Their Honor

Forget the blender or fine china: Prince William and Kate Middleton received an early wedding gift fit only for royalty. The Scottish university where the couple met will honor them with a scholarship in their name.

Last Friday, The University of St. Andrews presented the scholarship in their honor when the couple visited its 600th anniversary fund-raising campaign.

“This will be the first scholarship of its kind at St. Andrews and a reflection of this university’s commitment to ensure that we find, attract and support the most gifted students from anywhere in the world,” said Louise Richardson, the university’s principal and vice-chancellor.

Though the scholarship has not yet been given an official name, it will be worth up to 70,000 pounds, or roughly $115,000. The award will help pay for tuition and living expenses for four years.

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New Scholarship for High School Losers

A charter school in Utah plans to award college scholarships to students based on weight loss during high school. This scholarship may be the first of its kind, but with rising concern about childhood obesity, it’s not a total shock.

A partnership between a charter high school and a local gym will give students and families the opportunity to get healthy and learn about maintaining weight loss. The school will provide focused programs on medical and sports science, while also offering required high school curriculum. Gym memberships will be available to students at no cost, and also to their families for a discounted rate.

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KFC to Give $20,000 Scholarship for Tweeting

If you love to tweet and you need money for college, then look no further. KFC will give $20,000 in scholarship money to a high-school student with the best tweet.

With a character limit of 140, applicants must write a short statement to explain why they are worthy of such a scholarship.

“It’s judged based on quality, creativity, ability to tell a story on why they should receive the award, and the entrepreneurial drive and desire to pursue a college education,” Rick Maynard said, a KFC spokesman.

The contest started on Nov. 17 and will end on Nov. 26. The winner will be revealed on Dec. 1. To apply, tweets must include the hashtag #KFCScholar.

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Walmart Encourages Employees to Earn a College Degree

walmart logoFor years, Walmart has been criticized for not offering its employees the benefits they deserve. Luckily, it seems like the mega-store that specializes in everything from kitchen dishes to lawn care equipment is taking a step in the right direction.

According to the New York Times, Walmart has partnered with American Public University, an online school with about 70,000 students currently enrolled. Although Walmart scholarshipshave been offered to students in the past, this new partnership will allow some of Walmart’s employees to earn college credits in fields such as retail management or logistics, just by working their jobs. Walmart employees will also receive a 15 percent discount on tuition, while Walmart has pledged to invest another $50 million in tuition assistance for those employees who participate.

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Finding Scholarships on a College or University Campus

The time you spend looking and applying for college scholarships can be an excellent investment that results in financial aid you don’t have to pay back. But many students don’t realize how many scholarships they can find on their own college campus. If you’re already enrolled in school, don’t forget to look in your own backyard, so to speak, for valuable scholarships.

One place to look is your academic department. Most departments have a short list of scholarships. These usually have been endowed by a donor (a graduate of the department, perhaps) and are given away once a year. Often the professors collectively decide who should receive these scholarships, or there’s a campus scholarship committee that makes these decisions. Other times, students are invited to apply. In any case, talk to someone in your department to find out what scholarships are available. If you have an academic advisor in the department, this is a good person to ask—or ask the department secretary which faculty member is in charge of the scholarship committee.

Another good place to look is at the college level. Schools are divided up into smaller colleges—liberal arts, engineering, and so forth. Each college usually has a list of scholarships that are available annually to students enrolled in a major that’s part of that college. To find out what’s available, stop by the office that’s responsible for the administrative duties of your college.

In addition, look for scholarships that are available to all students enrolled at your school. Keep in mind that these will be competitive, but somebody has to get this money, so why not you? To find out about these scholarships, visit a campus advising office, the registrar’s office, or the financial aid office.

Finally, university clubs and organizations sometime are affiliated with scholarship programs, or may have a list of scholarships available to students who belong to that organization. These includes fraternities and sororities, campus minority or religious organizations, campus women organizations, and pre-professional organizations.

Invest a little time looking around for scholarships on your campus, and you just might find some money you didn’t know was available. And don’t be shy about asking—because there’s someone else out there who’s not! finds student loans and scholarships

Student LoansStarting at an early age, parents encourage their children to strive for great things. Children are taught that if they do well in school and work hard, they can be anything they want to be professionally. Without an advanced education though, these goals can be difficult to achieve. The professional workforce is constantly changing. Pressure is being placed on those that want good careers to receive higher education. A high school diploma is no longer enough to be what many deem as successful. For many aspiring to go to college or graduate school, the world of student loans can be an important part of making dreams a reality.
If you are newly entering college, finding and understanding student loans can be very intimidating. It’s helpful to have someone explain how everything works and walk you through the process of filling out applications.

One helpful site for such information is This site provides helpful information on applying for student loans as well as consolidating them. offers a free scholarship search engine with over 5.9 million individual awards, free one-on-one counseling with a personally assigned Education Finance Advisor, financial aid top tips and low-cost student loans. There are also many helpful resources available like a directory of schools and a feature that compares loans. With you can even apply for student loans directly through the web site.

Many student loan sites cater only to undergraduate students. offers tools for graduate students including fellowships and graduate student loans to help pay for post-graduate education. has private student loans available with many features not available through other student loan providers. features a fast and easy application with approval in as little as 15 minutes. You can also enjoy loan amounts up to the full cost of your tuition, no application fees, no application deadlines, no payments for students until after you’ve graduated or dropped below half time enrollment, money sent directly to you and possible tax deductible interest.

Some of the benefits of applying for Graduate PLUS Student Loans allow you to lock in your graduate student loan payments, no application fees or prepayment penalties and generous borrowing limits. The last thing you need to be worried about while in school is paying back student loans. This way you can focus on learning so that you’re ready for that dream job after graduation. Once you’ve graduated and it’s time to pay back your loans, you can also use for loan consolidation. You’ll bundle all your federal student loans into one easy-to-manage loan with one monthly payment. By consolidating your loans, you can quite possibly cut monthly payments in half.

If you’re going to college or graduate school, chances are you’re going to need some help paying for it. Get help applying for your loans from a site you can trust and do all your loan shopping in one location. can help you get the academic edge without stressing about money. Get your money when you need it so you can head down the path to success.

Scholarships provide free college tuition

As senior year draws to a close, there are many things to keep upcoming college freshmen occupied. There are standardized tests to take, prom, finals, college applications and much more. Many students are so excited about going to college that there isn’t time to think about how to pay for it. Most students plan to lean on federal student loans, but loans come with a hefty price tag even if a degree isn’t obtained. Granted, students don’t have to pay back the money until they’ve been out of school six months or more, but the interest continues stacking up throughout your time in school. Scholarships are free money that can be used as the primary, if not sole, means of paying for a college education. And typically their only cost is keeping your grades up.

There are over a million scholarships available, worth billions of dollars, and many ways to find the right group of scholarships to pay for college. One method of finding money for school is the Internet. When using the Internet to search for scholarship help, it can be difficult to sort through the clutter of sites that will fill up your inbox with everything, except scholarship information. One trusted site that’s been around since 1995 is FastWeb has helped more than 34 million students find scholarships since it first launched.

FastWeb can be your link to scholarship information. It is the Web’s largest searchable scholarship database, and there’s no need to worry about outdated information, because the database is updated daily. Just when you thought there was no way to pay for college other than loans, or having a perfect grade point average, there is hope. With FastWeb, you fill out a profile, and search scholarships and internships related to your field of interest, all for free. A couple of drawbacks are that the profile section is rather lengthy, and there are some advertisements that will interrupt the process. As long as you don’t get distracted with the ads, you can be well on your way to finding scholarship money for school.

If you are not sure which college major you’re interested in just yet, that’s all right. You can go for general scholarships until you choose your specialty. There are so many decisions to make at this point that you shouldn’t rush it. Throughout college and even before you start, you’ll learn that many of your decisions heavily depend on resources. This resource is one that can greatly help ease the financial burden of furthering your education. There are many web sites, books and message boards available to help find scholarships for college, so shop around for the one that’s right for you. Check everything out and be sure to find the route that will best fit your needs.

As you look toward a college adventure filled with classes, pop-quizzes, mid-terms and finals, the last thing you should be preoccupied with is how to pay your tuition. Work with FastWeb to find the right scholarships, while you enjoy your senior year stress-free.


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