Senior Year

Senior Year

The College Bucket List: 50 Things to do Before You Graduate

School is back in session for many colleges and universities across the country. Freshmen go in with wide-eyed wonder and seniors just want to get it over with. Meanwhile, alumni, like myself, become a bit nostalgic. While I wouldn’t want to go back to my demanding course schedule and bi-annual struggles with financial aid, I would love to go back for even a couple of days for a few of those key collegiate experiences, and even fill in the gaps with the ones I missed.

The beauty of the college experience is that it can be incredibly unifying. We’ve all had to scrape enough quarters together to wash a pair of jeans and probably even slept on a mysterious couch to ensure a safe arrival home the next day. And every school has their own set of unique traditions, like riding the Sooner Schooner at an OU football game, jumping in Mirror Lake at Ohio State, participating in CalTech‘s ditch day, or unleashing Northwestern‘s “the scream” on the Sunday morning before finals. You should take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way – no matter how ridiculous it may seem at the time.

Whether a freshman, sophomore, or fifth-year senior, we want you to have a classic college experience, and so we’ve put together our picks for a college student bucket list. You’ve got (at least) four years to accomplish the items on here, but you’ve got your entire life to conjure up the incredible memories that each item will no doubt deliver.

1. Live in the dorms.

2. Take a nap in the “quad”.

3. Order a pizza and eat the whole thing.

4. Stay up all night cramming for an exam.

5. Become friends with one professor. Read the rest of this entry »

CNU Accepts 2,000 Students by Mistake

Waiting for a college acceptance letter is a stressful time in any high school senior’s life, but what would you do if you received an acceptance letter to you choice school, only to find out a few hours later than the letter was sent out to you by mistake and you had not really been accepted? Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to 2,000 prospective students at Christopher Newport University last week.

On February 23, 2011, CNU sent 2,000 erroneous emails to prospective students. These emails told the students that they had been accepted to CNU’s fall 2011 class, but in truth, the students had not been accepted.

Read the rest of this entry »

Dos and Don’ts for Your High School Reunion

romy and michelle high school reunionI’ve just come back from my ten-year high school reunion. It’s hard to believe that the class of 1999 is already looking back at a decade since graduation, and honestly a little jolting to think the next ten will likely buzz by just as quickly. My reunion went better than I ever expected, and I genuinely enjoyed catching up with everyone who attended. Out of a class of 150 graduates, we had about 30 or so show. A little disappointing in that respect, but it did allow for more time with everyone. Here are my tips for successfully surviving your high school reunion, no matter which decade you’re celebrating.

DO review your yearbook before going. It can’t hurt to familiarize yourself with names and faces.

DO politely ask for an introduction if you’re drawing blank on a name.

DON’T ignore people simply to save face because you can’t remember. Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrity Yearbook Photos

fergie yearbook pictureMost of us would rather leave our yearbook photos buried in a dusty box in our basements. But if you’re a celebrity, you don’t enjoy that luxury. Thanks to the folks over at MTV, we’re peeking inside the yearbooks of some big celebs to see what they looked like then.

The most surprising transformations are probably those of class of 2000’s Adam Lambert, of American Idol fame, and class of 1993’s Fergie, of the Black Eyed Peas.

Watch now and see for yourself how Tyra Banks, Kate Gosselin, Megan Fox, Kanye West and others looked for their senior pictures.adam lambert yearbook picture

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Senior Class of 2009 Says Goodbye to High School

class-of-2009-tasslesI woke up Tuesday morning, knowing that it was a particularly exciting day. Not only because I was IB test free that day, but also because it was senior’s last day! I put on my white (but not all white! all white wouldn’t work well with me….) dress and blue cardigan and headed to school.

That day was probably my favorite day throughout all of high school. We took pictures, said goodbye to teachers and younger students, and gave a few speeches about what is to come. My English teacher, Mr. Maack, wrote us a poem and read it aloud to us. It made the analogy of us, the students, being tigers who had dealt with the rules and regulations of our ring master (teachers, parents, authority figures) and this time marked a new beginning for us. Read the rest of this entry »

Double-Check Grades Before End of School Year

I checked my grades the other day, just to make sure I would be ending my high school career on a strong note, and I realized that I had a few missing assignments. I realized some of these assignments effected my grades by quite a bit and that it is important I get these assignments turned in

While I’m lucky many of my teachers understand it’s been an extremely hectic time with IB testing starting, some teachers may not be the same. Before the school year draws to a close, be sure to check with your teachers about any incomplete/missing assignments you may have. You may be surprised at how much your grade can be affected by a 20 point assignment. Also, if you have slacked and your grades aren’t want you thought they would be, ask your teacher about any extra credit options they may offer. Some teachers may offer some extra credit while some teachers may not offer any because they may feel waiting until the last minute is not what you are supposed to do. Read the rest of this entry »

May 1 is D-Day for College-Bound Seniors

decisionYou don’t need any more pressure, right? Well kids, the clock is ticking. May 1 is Decision Day for high school seniors to notify the college they’ve chosen to attend. For some it can be a complicated choice, having received several acceptance letters. For others, checking the box might be one of the simplest choices they’ve ever made. But they have to make it. Today!

For parents of these indecisive college-bound students, be supportive. You might have a personal bias toward or against one college or university, but the choice should ultimately lie in their hands. This is where they will prepare themselves for the real world and really test and learn who they are as a person. They’ll no doubt thrive if it’s a place they love. Read the rest of this entry »

Graduation is Right Around the Corner

graduation-capJust this last week, Josten’s came to East High to deliver our caps and gowns. Upon receiving the graduation attire, it made graduation so much more tangible for the anxious senior class. We have been counting down the days to Senior’s Last Day for nearly two weeks now and getting the cap, gown, and graduation announcements made it seem like graduation and our last day as students in the halls of East High are that much closer.

It seems that all of this is rather bitter-sweet. Sweet in the sense that we have less than 30 days until Seniors Last Day. Almost a month until graduation. Bitter then considering it may be the last time we see some of our friends, knowing we are going to part ways and go down our own paths. All of us say we are ready for last day and graduation, but it makes me, and I’m sure a lot of other people, wonder about what the future holds for us. Considering the next step in the college process is letting our schools know where we plan to attend, makes everything also so much more tangible since it comes before Senior’s Last Day and graduation. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Get off the College Wait List

important-letterJust because April 1 has slipped by on the calendar, does not mean that you are necessarily stuck.

If you did not get accepted to your choice college, one possibility to consider is the wait list. If you got wait listed at a school you would love to go to, there is still a chance! Be sure to send in the notice you get with your decision letter and also try to send something in that will set you apart. Send in a picture of yourself doing something you love, send multiple pictures, or have another teacher write you a recommendation letter. Another great way to show interest, is by writing the school a letter yourself explaining why you are still interested in the school and why you should be considered to be taken off the wait list. Just don’t be too pleading or whining in this letter, because it may come across badly. Read the rest of this entry »

The Impact of the College Wait List

thumbs up thumbs downOne of my last posts, I discussed dealing with rejection from colleges. Now, things are brightening up some as I look forward to deciding between the two colleges I have finally narrowed my list down to. I was wait-listed at one school and plan to put my name on their active wait list because it is a school I would love to attend. This, of course, is probably the biggest decision I will be making my senior year.

One of the things I decided was putting my name on that wait list. Putting your name on the wait list at a school is not something you should take lightly. If you really desire to attend the school, then by all means put your name on the wait list. But, if you get the letter in the mail and have no desire to put more effort into the process, then turn in the wait list response with the box checked ‘no, I do not wish to be put on your wait list’ because this will then open up a slot for another student you may have been behind you on the list who really wants to attend. Read the rest of this entry »


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