Student Discounts

Student Discounts

Save on Textbooks with a Chegg Coupon for Book Rental

Paying for college tuition alone is enough to break the bank. Add the cost of textbooks on top of room and board and tuition and it’s enough to make anyone scrape for pennies hiding between the couch cushions. When it comes to saving money on college necessities, like books, students can’t afford to pass up those opportunities.

College campuses advise students to buy or rent books from the campus bookstore. However, there are plenty of other places to buy or rent textbooks from. I used to rent my textbooks from the campus bookstore, because I was lazy and did not feel like looking for books online. When the price of books started climbing at a rapid rate I had to find new places to purchase books.

The first time I started looking for low prices on books I didn’t know where to shop. Many websites offer textbook purchases that are cheaper than campus bookstores. Most college students do not like to buy books, because there is no use for them after classes are over at the end of the semester.

The word around my college campus was that had the best savings deals for textbooks. offered students the option of purchasing or renting books at the lowest price possible. I started to compare the price of textbook rentals of Chegg to my college bookstore to see if the website was worth a try. The low prices reeled me in. I save $100 to $200 when I rent my books from Chegg. I’ve been renting my books from Chegg for two years and pleased with my purchases and savings. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Holiday Car Rental Deals for Students

car rentalIf you’re heading home for the holidays, you might be interested in renting a car. It can be hard to find a good deal but they are most definitely out there.

If you have some extra cash, renting a car can be a small expense, if you play your cards right. It will also save you wear and tear on your own car and give you chance to ride in style. The important thing to remember if you decide to rent a car is to never stop looking for deals. Just like airlines, car rental companies are constantly changing their rates. You are not charged to reserve a car, so you if you see a deal and reserve the car, you can easily cancel if you find a better deal later. Read the rest of this entry »

Amazon Prime Free to Students for One Year

amazon-students-programAmazon is offering a new program called Amazon Students to any U.S. student with a “.edu” email address who is enrolled in at least one course. The program incorporates Amazon’s Prime service, which features two-day free shipping with no purchase minimum and special student deals. That means any discounted textbooks that can be purchased from Amazon will be shipped for free–and students won’t have to worry that their savings will be spent in handling costs. Plus, two day shipping rivals the campus bookstore for convenience. Read the rest of this entry »

StudentUniverse Makes Travelling Affordable for College Students

This website might become your new best friend if you plan on travelling during your college career.

This website might become your new best friend if you plan on travelling during your college career.

I love to travel! One of my favorite things to do is to travel somewhere that I have not been before and spend a week there, just soaking up the culture. Of course, I prefer to fly because it’s faster and I can go further away from home.

Unfortunately, flying is pretty expensive. A round trip ticket on Orbitz to NYC costs $579. On StudentUniverse, the same ticket is $292. Pretty big difference, huh?

StudentUniverse is a travel site created especially for students. Users are required to prove they are currently students by providing a school issued email address. Once users have been verified as being students, StudentUniverse negotiates with airline companies to receive discounted student rates. Read the rest of this entry »

AirTran U Offers Student Discount for Flights

AirTran ULooking to get away for summer vacation but hesitant because of rising tuition costs and the current economic situation?

AirTran has launched the AirTran U program for anyone between the ages of 18 and 22, allowing students to fly on standby non-stop flights for $49, $69, or $99 per flight to more than 60 different cities domestically. Any connection flights are an additional fee. Read the rest of this entry »

Student Discount Programs by National Brands

Now more than ever with credit card and student loan debt looming over most students from the current economic situation students across America are taking advantage of the programs offered by companies for student discounts.

Ensure that your student ID card is always with you while shopping because most programs simply require showing a valid photo student identification card. Don’t be afraid to ask almost everywhere you go! You’ll be surprised at some of the places that offer great savings!

General Motors (College discount program)

Car Insurance Student Discounts

Cell Phone Companies:





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