Amazon Textbook Rental Races to Save Students Serious Coin

I saw a Tweet roll by last week that mentioned a mother who had a $1000 bill for textbooks. I think I actually blinked twice to confirm. It was true, she’d spent a grand on textbooks for her daughter’s first semester of college!

Chloe of @ChloeCardash had a high bill, too, Tweeting, “Spent $500 on school textbooks #highwayrobbery.” And while not as transparent in the final cost, @IyanaNicole is handing over an entire week’s pay, Tweeting, “Yay my last paycheck of the summer is getting spent on these damn textbooks. Yea nothing better than that.”

I don’t recall ever spending more than $500 in a single semester, which even 10 years ago felt painfully high. It wasn’t until my last two years of college that buying books online really became a thing, and then I discovered used textbooks on Amazon. My textbook bill dropped to a mere couple hundred dollars each semester, and on a student-loan driven budget, that was a major win.

Amazon was my go-to for selling textbooks, too. I was always astonished when I’d spend $75 on a brand new textbook in August, and then have the bookstore offer me $12 after finals. At Amazon, I was able to recoup almost all of my expense selling the book myself.

The leading online book retailer is stepping up again for college students, launching a textbook rental service just in time for fall semester. Remaining competitive with other book rental services, like Chegg, Amazon will cover the shipping cost for the books’ return when you’re finished with them. If you have an Amazon Prime account for students, the purchase shipping is free, too! All you’re left to pay is the cost of the book that Amazon advertises at up to a 70 percent discount. Read the rest of this entry »

Save on Textbooks with a Chegg Coupon for Book Rental

Paying for college tuition alone is enough to break the bank. Add the cost of textbooks on top of room and board and tuition and it’s enough to make anyone scrape for pennies hiding between the couch cushions. When it comes to saving money on college necessities, like books, students can’t afford to pass up those opportunities.

College campuses advise students to buy or rent books from the campus bookstore. However, there are plenty of other places to buy or rent textbooks from. I used to rent my textbooks from the campus bookstore, because I was lazy and did not feel like looking for books online. When the price of books started climbing at a rapid rate I had to find new places to purchase books.

The first time I started looking for low prices on books I didn’t know where to shop. Many websites offer textbook purchases that are cheaper than campus bookstores. Most college students do not like to buy books, because there is no use for them after classes are over at the end of the semester.

The word around my college campus was that had the best savings deals for textbooks. offered students the option of purchasing or renting books at the lowest price possible. I started to compare the price of textbook rentals of Chegg to my college bookstore to see if the website was worth a try. The low prices reeled me in. I save $100 to $200 when I rent my books from Chegg. I’ve been renting my books from Chegg for two years and pleased with my purchases and savings. Read the rest of this entry »

Download Chegg’s Free iPhone App Today and Get Discounted Books

chegg-iphone-offerGetting a deal on textbooks is always exciting. Just today, the textbook rental service Chegg is offering a cool deal. If you download their free iPhone App, you get a 10% discount on any book rental before August 31st with the coupon code “MOBILE”. The app helps expedite the search process, by letting you find the book you want to rent simply by scanning the book’s bar code with your phone. If you don’t have a bar code handy, you can search by ISBN, title or author’s name. Read the rest of this entry »

BookRenter to Be the NetFlix of Textbook Rentals

bookrenterWith the rising costs of college tuition and the still struggling economy, textbook booksellers are hard at work to help relieve a bit of the financial burden to students by renting, not selling books, to cash-strapped academicians.

Online book rental companies, like Chegg and others, provide an opportunity to save on the cost of college textbooks by offering young intellects a chance to rent their semester textbooks. Now, BookRenter, a college textbook rental start-up, has received $10 million in investment money to make them the NetFlix of textbook rentals.

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Chegg Offers More Money For Used Books

cheggIf you’re like me, you can’t help feeling downright scammed when it comes time to selling your textbooks back to the bookstore. You probably noticed that the $150 science book was only worth $20 dollars at the end of the semester. hopes to change all of that by giving you more than the campus bookstore. The online textbook rental company is offering to buy your used college textbooks through the end of May.

If you’re looking to make money beyond selling your textbooks, you may want to consider becoming a “Chegg Champion.” Chegg Champions are brand ambassadors that receive a cash commission for every student they get to send in their used books.

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Getting Ripped Off on College Textbooks

college-textbooksFeeling like you are being ripped off is such a feeling of violation. And while students may complain that their college education isn’t worth the tuition, when you factor in the experience, college degree, and career, the complaints are highly debatable. But when it comes to complaining about being ripped off on college textbooks, students may just have a case.

It is estimated that the average college student spends $900 each year on college textbooks alone.

Between 1995 and 2004 textbook prices rose at more than four times the rate of inflation, according to Nicole Allen, a director at Student Public Interest Research Group, a student advocacy group. “Students are a captive audience since professors decide what books they need to buy,” says Allen.

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Kindle Like Dual-Screen Reader Aimed at Education Market

kakaiReports of the, up until now, stealth company KaKai are surfacing of a “kindle like” device aimed solely at the education market. Osman Rashid, who also owns Chegg, a textbook rental company, is said to demo the dual-screen education tablet in the upcoming months.

According to Kara Swisher at, “BoomTown has found out exactly what [Osman & Kakai] are up to via reports of a concept video the company has shown potential investors and interviews with several sources close to the situation. In simplest terms, it’s essentially a Kindle for students.”

Little is known about the device and service, outside of the following limited facts:

  • Navigation and core functions will be a gesture-based
  • Designed with portability in mind, will feel like a mix between notepad and book
  • Foldable dual screen
  • Will be paired with a custom software suite and interlinked website.

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