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textbook rental

Amazon Textbook Rental Races to Save Students Serious Coin

I saw a Tweet roll by last week that mentioned a mother who had a $1000 bill for textbooks. I think I actually blinked twice to confirm. It was true, she’d spent a grand on textbooks for her daughter’s first semester of college!

Chloe of @ChloeCardash had a high bill, too, Tweeting, “Spent $500 on school textbooks #highwayrobbery.” And while not as transparent in the final cost, @IyanaNicole is handing over an entire week’s pay, Tweeting, “Yay my last paycheck of the summer is getting spent on these damn textbooks. Yea nothing better than that.”

I don’t recall ever spending more than $500 in a single semester, which even 10 years ago felt painfully high. It wasn’t until my last two years of college that buying books online really became a thing, and then I discovered used textbooks on Amazon. My textbook bill dropped to a mere couple hundred dollars each semester, and on a student-loan driven budget, that was a major win.

Amazon was my go-to for selling textbooks, too. I was always astonished when I’d spend $75 on a brand new textbook in August, and then have the bookstore offer me $12 after finals. At Amazon, I was able to recoup almost all of my expense selling the book myself.

The leading online book retailer is stepping up again for college students, launching a textbook rental service just in time for fall semester. Remaining competitive with other book rental services, like Chegg, Amazon will cover the shipping cost for the books’ return when you’re finished with them. If you have an Amazon Prime account for students, the purchase shipping is free, too! All you’re left to pay is the cost of the book that Amazon advertises at up to a 70 percent discount. Read the rest of this entry »

Use eCampus.com’s Inforgraphics for a Good Study Break

small segment of an info graphicHave you ever wondered what are the top 10 things that have shaped your life in the past 10 years? Or maybe you have wondered where most college students use their smart phones? Or even if the cost of college is really worth it? You could spend hours conducting your own research on these various subjects, or you can just head on over to eCampus.com and check out their new InfoGraphics section.

In the past, eCampus.com has been known for renting college textbooks online. Now, they are venturing into the more entertaining market of creating infographics for students who are “wondering how your shenanigans will affect your future.” Infographics are a visually-pleasing way to present information and are rapidly gaining popularity as an aid during presentations.

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5 Ways to Save on College Textbooks

Scared to step into your college bookstore? Paying full retail prices for your textbooks can really put a dent in your checking account. There’s no way to avoid buying textbooks. You need them for class, but nobody said you had to pay full price for them.

Read these tips and save big money:

Shop online: Usedtextbooks.net is a great place to find used textbooks online. The website searches other websites selling used textbooks and finds you the best price. All you need to do is search for the textbook by its ISBN to get the perfect match. I personally have saved up to 90 percent by using this website.

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Resources That Make College Life Cheaper

Going to college is considered a rite of passage for most people. Students often can’t wait to leave home and enjoy living on their own as adults. While college is all about education, there are some life skills that are needed to make your college life bearable.

College students are known for having to live on very little funds due to their class load and being away from home. Many students don’t work so there is very little disposable income to go around. Below are some tips to make college life much more affordable. Minimizing your expenses can go a long way in having a good college experience. It will also help you avoid the temptation of borrowing money through student loans for necessities. Try out some or all of these ideas to maximize your dollar.

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BookRenter Takes a Big Bite of the Textbook Rental Market

bookrenter-logoTextbook rentals are a hot trend this fall, and the competition is getting fierce as students return to college campuses around the country. BookRenter is taking off, expecting to make between $20 to $50 million in revenue this year. BookRenter is still behind the largest book rental service, Chegg.com, which is expected to bring in $130 million in revenue.

BookRenter has rolled out a new partnership program with collegiate bookstores. The textbook rental service provides the virtual college bookstores with the same selection that’s available on their site. Over 260 campuses have partnered with BookRenter, including Arizona State University, University of Texas and University of Kansas.

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Download Chegg’s Free iPhone App Today and Get Discounted Books

chegg-iphone-offerGetting a deal on textbooks is always exciting. Just today, the textbook rental service Chegg is offering a cool deal. If you download their free iPhone App, you get a 10% discount on any book rental before August 31st with the coupon code “MOBILE”. The app helps expedite the search process, by letting you find the book you want to rent simply by scanning the book’s bar code with your phone. If you don’t have a bar code handy, you can search by ISBN, title or author’s name. Read the rest of this entry »

Chegg Offers More Money For Used Books

cheggIf you’re like me, you can’t help feeling downright scammed when it comes time to selling your textbooks back to the bookstore. You probably noticed that the $150 science book was only worth $20 dollars at the end of the semester.

Chegg.com hopes to change all of that by giving you more than the campus bookstore. The online textbook rental company is offering to buy your used college textbooks through the end of May.

If you’re looking to make money beyond selling your textbooks, you may want to consider becoming a “Chegg Champion.” Chegg Champions are brand ambassadors that receive a cash commission for every student they get to send in their used books.

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Easy Ways to Find Cheap Textbooks

college students studyingIt’s no secret that college can be a financial strain for many seeking a higher education. Tuition costs continually increase year over year, and with that, the costs of textbooks do as well. Here are a few suggestions for reducing college expenses, while still having all of the required textbooks necessary to succeed.

  • Share with Friends. Split your book bill in half by sharing the books with a friend or classmate. Odds are you’d end up studying together anyway, so it’s probably not necessary for both of you to haul around identical books. Read the rest of this entry »


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